Sunday, November 21, 2010

Titans of Montgomery County, 1981

These are four of the most influential people in Montgomery County's history, standing together in a unique photo from 1981.

Norman Christeller (left): County Council Member and Planning Board Chairman. Author of the county's law requiring Moderately-Priced Dwelling Units in new residential developments and leader of the fight against the 1978 TRIM amendment.

Don Robertson (second from left): District 18 Delegate and House Majority Leader.

Royce Hanson (center): Two-time Planning Board Chairman and founder of the Agricultural Reserve.

Neal Potter (right): Six-time County Council Member and one-term County Executive.

That innocent-looking twenty-something standing with these legends is none other than MCEA's Jon Gerson, who was then a staff assistant at the County Council. Thanks for sharing the photo, Jon!