Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Andy Harris: Government-Run Health Care "Got Us Into Bankruptcy"

Surely, you have heard of Congressman-Elect Andy Harris’s newfound support for government-run health care – at least for himself – by now. But to appreciate the full head-spinning magnitude of his conversion to socialism, one has to observe his statements on the issue while he ran for office. This video comes from his February 2010 appearance at the Cecil County Patriots Candidate Forum.

At 1:50 of the video, Harris is asked his opinion on the federal government’s role in health care. At 3:15, Harris begins his answer by denouncing Medicare and Medicaid and predicting that more government-run health care “got us into bankruptcy and will keep us in bankruptcy.” And yet, Harris’s first action as a Congressman-Elect is to complain that he can’t get government-run health care for himself fast enough.

Rarely has the stomach-churning stench of hypocrisy wafted so heavily over Capitol Hill.