Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Republicans Projected to Gain 6 in House

In the Maryland House of Delegates, Republicans are currently on track to pick up a net of six seats (two defeats of Democrats, and four takeaways in open seats)--upping their numbers to 43 of 141, or 30.5%, in the Chamber. Regional breakdowns and some details below the fold.

The party breakdown continues to vary considerably by region. All seats in Baltimore City, Montgomery, and Prince George's continue to be filled by Democrats. Democrats gained 65 delegate seats in districts contained entirely or partly in these jurisdictions giving them 46% of the House right off the bat and substantially more than the Republicans won in the whole State. No change from the status quo in the Democratic heartland.

In the three westernmost counties of Garrett, Allegheny, and Washington, Republicans hold 2 of 6 delegate seats. In the Republican strongholds of Carroll and Frederick, Counties, Republicans took all but one of nine seats--they picked up an open seat in Frederick.

On the Eastern Shore, Republicans won 8 of 11 delegate slots. In Cecil County, Del. David Rudolph fended off a strong Republican challenge with under 50% of the vote. The Eastern Shore's sole African-American delegate, Rudolph Cane in District 37A, is one of the other two Democrats. The one net Republican gain appears to be in District 38. Del. Mathias ran successfully for the Senate but will be replaced by Republican Mike McDermott.

In southern Maryland, Democrats won all three Charles County seats easily, reflecting that County's increasingly Democratic tendencies. Democrats won the two in St. Mary's very narrowly, and lost the two based in Calvert though one of the latter was close. The Republicans picked up one seat here with the apparent defeat of Del. Sue Kullen by 6 points in Calvert (District 27B).

Anne Arundel tilted strongly Republican in House elections. Republicans swept all of the six seats in Districts 31, and 33, and won all but one of the seats in District 30. Democrats held on to all three seats in District 32.

Though Republicans failed to pick off Speaker Michael Busch (Anne Arundel) in District 30, he did come in second instead of first. Democratic Del. Claggett appears to going down to defeat in this district.

Baltimore County was a mixed bag. Republicans won the sole seat in District 5B. They swept the three-seat District 7 on the east side of the County--it also takes in a bite of Harford. There were split results in Districts 8 and 42 with Republicans take two of three in both districts. This represents a gain of one Republican seat in District 8 where Democrats failed to hold an open slot filled by Republican John Cluster. Democrats swept the tables in Districts 10 and 11 on the west side of the County.

Republicans did well in Harford, holding all three seats in District 35. Republicans picked up the open seat in District 34A--shared with Cecil but mostly in Harford--so each party now holds one there.

Democrats did well in Howard County. In District 12A, which includes portions in Baltimore and Howard Counties, Democrats took both of the two seats. Former County Exec Liz Bobo crushed in District 12B. Republicans won both seats in District 9A--the northern part of the County--but lost all three seats in District 13. No change in Howard.