Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gansler Guns for Dean, 1998

Montgomery County State's Attorney Robert Dean, appointed in 1996 to replace Andrew Sonner, had two problems in his election campaign. First, he was embroiled in an embarrassing sex scandal with a subordinate complete with love poems. Second, he was opposed by one of the most aggressive politicians in MoCo's history: federal prosecutor Doug Gansler. Gansler let the press handle the sex scandal, but he took on Dean's prosecutorial decisions and his alleged tendency to campaign with tax dollars directly. We reprint those lit pieces below. Gansler won in the primary by twelve points.

There's a lesson here for anyone thinking of running for Governor in four years. If you are in a campaign against Doug Gansler and you make a mistake, YOU LOSE.

"Mistakes Can be Deadly"