Wednesday, November 03, 2010

MoCo Recap

Just to sum up as the evening comes to a close, on an evening in which the Democrats are getting shellacked nationally, they still hold every office in this County--and not by a narrow margin.

Some stats for my fellow numbers geeks. Except for Sen. Jamie Raskin who is unopposed, Sen. Rich Madaleno is leading Republican Kurt Osuch by 74% to 26%--who ran one of the more vibrant campaigns on the Republican side this year--by more than any other Democratic senator facing a challenger.

Ike Leggett is coasting to reelection with 64% of the vote. As I said after the primary, this is an incredibly impressive result with our current economy and cuts like this. If Ike is the establishment, people want people like him in charge.

Question A is going down with 54% voting against ambulance fees. Will the County Government now cut spending on fire houses as promised as a result?

The sleeper election that no one talked about this year but we will a lot about in the future is the ConCon--Constitutional Convention--that the State Constitution mandates we ask the voters if they want every so often. MoCo voters don't want it by 55% but Marylanders as a whole voted for it by 55%. Will we see a repeat of last time when we drafted a new Constitution and then voters defeated it at the polls? If we do draft a new Constitution, will it contain those valuable statements about off-street parking in the City of Baltimore? How much money will we spend on the ConCon? Stay tuned.