Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Maryland Recap

I haven't looked as closely in the House of Delegates but in the Maryland Senate, the Democrats may pick up two seats with no losses among potentially vulnerable Democrats. Democrat Ronald Young may knock of Alex Mooney in District 3 (Frederick-Washington), and Democratic Del. Jim Mathias leads Republican Michael James in District 38 (Somerset-Wicomico-Worcester). Both currently lead.

As I said in the MoCo recap, the sleeper election was on the concon, or constitutional convention:

The sleeper election that no one talked about this year but we will a lot about in the future is the ConCon--Constitutional Convention--that the State Constitution mandates we ask the voters if they want every so often. MoCo voters don't want it by 55% but Marylanders as a whole voted for it by 55%. Will we see a repeat of last time when we drafted a new Constitution and then voters defeated it at the polls? If we do draft a new Constitution, will it contain those valuable statements about off-street parking in the City of Baltimore? How much money will we spend on the ConCon? Stay tuned.
I still need to look at more County races but Republicans swept the Commission in that County. Democrats still hold all in Montgomery.