Friday, June 04, 2010

Top Blog Posts, May 2010

Here are the most-viewed blog posts on MPW in May 2010.

1. Police, Fire Fighters Picket Navarro Fundraiser
2. Why MPW Turned Down the Washington Post
3. Twitter to Post: Bloggers Aren’t Your Slaves
4. Floreen Comments on the School Budget
5. MPW Poll: House 19
6. Weast Whips the Council!
7. MPW Poll: Senate 39
8. Dirty Power, Dirty Tricks
9. Council At-Large: First Forum
10. Herman Taylor Schedules Announcement for Congress

The picket post received tons of traffic and was pumped up by the websites of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 35 and the International Association of Fire Fighters. We hear this was the first picket by the county police since 1981. Which Council Member will be next?

The videos of Council President Nancy Floreen and MCPS Superintendent Jerry Weast were watched by many people coming in from the MCPS server. That was probably not helpful to Floreen.

Both of the MPW polls were originally started in April. It seems quite a few individuals were VERY interested in the results! We summarized them last month.

We’ll have a special list of the most-viewed blog posts over the last year coming soon!