Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jeff Waldstreicher Endorses Ariana Kelly

Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher (D-18) has endorsed former NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland Executive Director Ariana Kelly for Delegate in District 16. Following is Delegate Waldstreicher's statement.

Delegate Waldstreicher Endorses Ariana Kelly

It is with unbridled enthusiasm that I endorse Ariana Kelly, Democrat for state Delegate. Ariana and I have a strong personal friendship developed over many years, so I’ve seen up-close as she’s fought to improve the lives of Maryland families. It would be an honor to serve with her in the House of Delegates.

Born and raised right here in Montgomery County, Ariana is a working mom with two kids who lives in Bethesda. When I served as Chairman of NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland, I watched as Ariana worked tirelessly to advance the cause of women’s rights and social justice. I know she’s brought that same commitment to environmental issues in her current position. She’s not just a reliable vote, she’s a champion for progressive policy.

As a parent myself, I’m also excited that Ariana joins Senator Frosh and Delegates Lee and Frick in being recommended by Montgomery County’s teachers. That’s no accident; Ariana’s commitment to education is unimpeachable. She supports smaller class sizes, fair teacher pay, and the elimination of portable classrooms. As I saw at NARAL, Ariana is a fiscal hawk, so she knows we must accomplish all this while living within our means and balancing our budget.

Finally, Ariana is simply a wonderful person. She has a diplomatic, collegial disposition that wins allies. She is loyal to her values, but more importantly, she is loyal to her friends. Ariana will undoubtedly bring a level of experience and maturity that is sorely lacking in Annapolis.

I can’t wait to serve with Ariana Kelly.