Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ali Calls for MPW Debate With King

In response to our post on the breakdown of debate negotiations between Delegate Saqib Ali and Senator Nancy King for the District 39 Senate seat, Ali wrote the following.

It's unfortunate that the plans for the debate are not proceeding further. I was a bit taken aback by Nancy's demand for pre-scripted questions.

Since the plans for live debates don't seem to be moving forward, I would propose that Nancy and I debate right here on MPW.

I am happy with whatever format Adam deems fair and appropriate. He can ask the questions if he wishes. I am happy to answer any questions. Nothing is off-limits.

- Saqib Ali
Once again, we are delighted that Saqib Ali believes this blog to be a worthy forum for political dialogue! But your author is not in the habit of imposing terms on candidates and insisting that they accept them. If Delegate Ali and Senator King voluntarily agree to an online debate, we will offer the blog for that purpose. If not, that is a choice for the candidates to make - and, of course, to exploit.