Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trachtenberg Names Campaign Manager

At-Large County Council Member Duchy Trachtenberg has hired Sligo Creek Golf Association co-founder and former journalist Woody Brosnan as her campaign manager. Following is her press release.

June 15, 2010
Press Release

Trachtenberg Names Campaign Manager

Duchy Trachtenberg is proud to announce that Woody Brosnan of Silver Spring has agreed to serve as her campaign manager in her bid for re-election to the Montgomery County Council as an at-large candidate.

“I wanted someone who is a community leader to run my grassroots campaign,” said Councilmember Trachtenberg. “Woody shares my values and my passion for helping people.”

“I am honored to work for this prudent progressive who understands the balance between protecting the taxpayers’ wallets and maintaining a high level of government services, especially for our county’s neediest citizens,” said Brosnan.

Brosnan is a community volunteer and civic activist in Silver Spring. As a journalist he covered Washington and politics for newspapers in Memphis, Albuquerque and Birmingham, including five presidential campaigns and numerous races for governor, senator and congressman.

As a civic activist Brosnan has served as president of the North Woodside Montgomery Hills Citizens Association, a member of the Presidents Council of Silver Spring Civic Associations and as the co-founder of Safe Silver Spring, which organized the 2009 summit on ways to prevent crime in Silver Spring.

Brosnan may be best known for his work to overturn the decision of the Montgomery County Revenue Authority to close the Sligo Creek Golf Course, a nine-hole golf course beloved by senior and beginner golfers and hackers of all ages.

He also is a volunteers with Meals on Wheels of Wheaton and as a county “weed warrior” battling invasive species in county parks.

“Duchy passes my three tests for good public officials,” said Brosnan.

“One, Duchy thinks outside the narrow confines of her assignments, as evidenced by her leadership in making Montgomery County the first in the nation to ban the use of trans fat in restaurants.

“Two, unlike many politicians, Duchy does not rely just on her staff or bureaucrats or special interests to shape her views, as evidenced by the way she listened to the Silver Spring community and cast a critical vote to keep Sligo Creek Golf Course open.

“Three, Duchy is courageous. She knows you sometimes even have to stand up to longtime allies when the choice is either to save or eliminate vital services.”

Councilmember Trachtenberg also publicly released a copy of a letter she wrote to the leaders of the county’s public employee unions explaining why she was not seeking their endorsement this year.

While Councilmember Trachtenberg continues to look forward to a good working relationship with union members she believes it would be a conflict-of-interest in her role as chair of the Council’s Management and Fiscal Policy Committee to pursue endorsements from those whose compensations and benefits she approves.

“Montgomery County is not an employment agency. Our job is to provide the best services we can to the citizens at the most prudent price. I know the vast majority of county employees share that commitment to service,” said Councilmember Trachtenberg.

Press Contact: Woody Brosnan