Saturday, June 19, 2010

Leggett for Winston

By Marc Korman.

On a hot Saturday morning Mark Winston kicked off his campaign for Delegate in District 16 in front of over thirty people outside his campaign offices. He was joined by a very special guest who endorsed him, County Executive Ike Leggett.

Winston is one of approximately nine challengers in District 16. His speech focused on his priorities including balancing economic development with environmental stewardship, keeping the public school system strong, and a focus on quality of life. He defined quality of life as not just good schools and transportation, and safe communities, but building the type of place that children would want to return to after college, as Winston’s own college graduate daughter is doing.

But in a race with so many candidates, Winston also sought to distinguish himself by emphasizing his experience. He cited his fourteen years on the Housing Opportunities Commission, four years on the State Transportation Committee, fourteen years involved with his temple, thirty-three years living in District 16, and thirty-five years as an attorney. He said that while some may view the Delegate seat as a stepping stone, he does not. Winston emphasized that when he goes to the polls, he thinks about which candidates has the judgment, experience, seasoning, and temperament to deal with unforeseen events. In this race, Winston believes he is the candidate who fits that description.

County Executive Leggett, who was introduced by District 16 resident Bruce Adams, kicked off that theme before Winston spoke. He said endorsing Winston was not a difficult choice and he was proud to stand shoulder to should with him. In his comments to me before speaking, Leggett said Winston was a longtime friend of twenty-five years and was “not just someone who popped up.” He also expressed his support for Delegates Frick and Lee.

Winston’s campaign is being managed by Zack Gallant, who is also working for Senator Mike Lenett and is a veteran of the Cardin and Obama campaigns. Councilman Roger Berliner also stopped by the event, though he said he was not endorsing.

Full disclosure, I am a Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee member from District 16. I have not endorsed Mark Winston or any other challenger.