Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lenett Mans Up for Manno

Prior to Delegate Roger Manno's announcement for District 19 Senate, we learned that incumbent Senator Mike Lenett's campaign has taken a number of steps to prepare for the anticipated challenge.

Specifically, we hear that Lenett is hiring Zack Gallant, a former field operative for Barack Obama, U.S. Senator Ben Cardin, the Maryland Democratic Party and Michael Sarbanes's campaign for Baltimore City Council President as his campaign manager. Lenett has also hired David Goodman's TruBlu Politics for media and Bernie Horn for consulting and research. Lenett has a new website, is interviewing for two Field Director positions and is in the process of hiring a fundraising firm and a polling firm.

Manno's potential Senate run has been one of the most worst-kept "secrets" in Annapolis, right alongside Saqib Ali's "surprise" challenge in District 39. (Quite a few spies were laughing about the allegedly unexpected nature of Ali's "surprise.") Lenett has been getting ready for Manno since at least last fall.

Batter up, Rog!