Friday, April 30, 2010

Franchot, Gansler and Edwards Deny Endorsing Lenett

The Gazette is reporting that Comptroller Peter Franchot, Attorney General Doug Gansler and Congresswoman Donna Edwards are not endorsing District 19 Senator Mike Lenett in his race against challenger Roger Manno. Lenett had claimed their endorsements in a campaign press release. We also talked to representatives of Franchot, Gansler and Edwards and received the same response.

Franchot's campaign told us, "Comptroller Franchot likes and respects both Senator Lenett and Delegate Manno both personally and professionally. He will be staying neutral in the District 19 Senate race." Gansler's campaign said he got along with both candidates and wanted to stay out of a Democratic primary. A source close to Edwards told us, "She is NOT endorsing Lenett. As a matter of fact, Lenett is so scared that he lied about the endorsement he is asking forgiveness by asking Donna not to say anything about his 'mistake' and that the whole thing be forgotten." We hear Edwards is FUMING. Could she be so mad that she might actually support Manno down the road instead?

Lenett told his side of the story to the Gazette:

Lenett (D-Dist. 19) of Silver Spring said all three previously endorsed him before Manno decided to run and their respective decisions to withdraw them are reasonable.

"I believe they have reviewed and revised their policies on endorsing candidates in a Democratic primary," he said. "It's my understanding that they would now like to stay out of those races. I don't want to put them in any difficult positions."
This reminds your author of a mistake committed by District 17 Senator Jennie Forehand when she claimed the support of Senator Jamie Raskin and former Montgomery College President Charlene Nunley last summer. Raskin told us his name was added without his knowledge or consent and Nunley told us she was supporting Forehand's opponent, Cheryl Kagan. Endorsements are very sensitive things. If you are a candidate seeking to claim one, our suggestion is to get it in writing and confirm it if circumstances in the race change.