Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Frick Endorses Riemer

Delegate Bill Frick (D-16) endorsed at-large County Council challenger Hans Riemer at a Bethesda fundraiser on Sunday, adding to Riemer's growing collection of elected endorsements.

Here is the video of Frick's remarks. Note how he calls Riemer "completely insane" because only a crazy person would want to be on the County Council right now. Next time your author goes before a parole board, Frick will definitely not be writing our testimonial!

Riemer's endorsement list now includes County Council Members Valerie Ervin and Nancy Navarro, Senator Jamie Raskin (D-20), Delegates Tom Hucker and Heather Mizeur (D-20), Delegate Kirill Reznik (D-39) and Frick. Former County Executive Doug Duncan supports Becky Wagner. No elected officials to our knowledge support Jane de Winter. How much does this matter? Maybe not too much, but it demonstrates that Riemer is outworking the other challengers at the moment. Other potential endorsers are watching.