Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Duncan Endorses Cullison for Delegate

Former County Executive Doug Duncan endorsed District 19 Delegate candidate Bonnie Cullison at her campaign kickoff on Saturday. Following is Cullison's press release.

Cullison Announces Candidacy for D-19 House of Delegates: Doug Duncan Speaks

Rockville, MD. Bonnie Cullison formally announced her candidacy for the Maryland House of Delegates Saturday, promising to run an “open, inclusive and principled campaign that speaks directly to the hopes and desires of the people of District 19. Former three-term Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan joined Ms. Cullison to lend his support to the campaign, calling her a “superb candidate with a deep knowledge of the issues.”

Cullison, a retired teacher, former Montgomery County Education Association President and community leader, plans to focus on education, small business development, public safety and affordable housing during her campaign. She promised that the campaign “will be representative of the diverse citizenry of District 19, and deliver its message in a positive manner.”

Joining Ms. Cullison and Mr. Duncan were former State Senator Mary Boergers, local community activist, Melodye Berry, educator Catherine Evans, local businessman Marco Ramirez, and Eleanor Weissler, representing the senior population of the district.

In his remarks, former County Executive Doug Duncan said, “Bonnie Cullison embodies all the characteristics of a great leader; intelligence, character; seriousness of purpose; knowledge of the issues; and, a proven willingness to work with everyone to forge responsible solutions to tough problems.” Duncan went on to praise Ms. Cullison for her leadership on education issues, and her awareness of the contributions made by small and medium-size businesses throughout the county. “Bonnie Cullison knows that small businesses - restaurants, grocery stores, landscaping firms - need to be nurtured and supported because they are the engine that drives responsible growth in our county and employ literally tens of thousands of our fellow citizens.”

“I strongly endorse the candidacy of Bonnie Cullison for the House of Delegates in D-19,” concluded Duncan.

Cullison described with pride her more than 30-years of experience as a special educator and education policy leader in the county. She promised to work tirelessly in Annapolis to improve the quality of education for all students, and make certain that front-line educators have the resources and tools necessary to ensure success for their students. “Education is the cornerstone of success, not only for young people, but also for adults and seniors who understand that knowledge unlocks the door to opportunity as well as personal and professional growth,” said Cullison.

Cullison thanked Doug Duncan for recognizing her strong support of small businesses and the jobs they provide in the District. “Small businesses employ literally thousands of individuals in District 19, and offer summer employment to thousands more teens and young adults,” she said. “These businesses are hurting today because many can’t get loans or are over-burdened with paperwork requirements. I plan to work tirelessly to help small businesses gain access to needed financial resources, so they can prosper and employ citizens living in this part of the County,” said Cullison.

“Public safety is a serious issue in D-19, and one that does not get the attention it deserves,” said Cullison. She plans to work with area law enforcement professionals to ensure they are responsive to the needs of every citizen living in such a culturally diverse community. “Everyone deserves to live in a safe neighborhood, free from worries about crime. I will work with law enforcement and non-profit providers to make our neighborhoods safer for everyone and ensure that our young people have access to safe places to play and have fun,” said Cullison.

“It is time to send new leaders to Annapolis who understand that the old politics is not working and that chronic avoidance of hard decisions is not leadership,” noted Cullison. “These are tough times - times that call for strong leaders - leaders who have demonstrated their willingness to take on the hard issues and find innovative solutions; leaders who have proven their passion to stand for what is right and are ready to do the hard work necessary to get results that work for people. With your help I will bring this brand of leadership to the Maryland House of Delegates,” she concluded.