Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Senate Leaders Endorse Lenett

Senator Mike Lenett (D-19) has announced the endorsements of nearly the entire Democratic leadership team in the State Senate, an apparent effort to rebut challenger Roger Manno's claim that "we need a more collaborative type of leadership in Annapolis." Manno's campaign slogan is "Leadership Takes Teamwork."

Following is Lenett's press release.

April 28, 2010


Colleagues Praise Lenett as Both an Effective Member of the Democratic Leadership Team and a Principled Fighter for Progressive Values

Silver Spring, MD-State Senator Mike Lenett announced the support of his colleagues in Senate leadership for his re-election bid as the State Senator for District 19. Senator Lenett is the Assistant Deputy Majority Whip of the Senate.

"I am pleased to have the support of my friends and colleagues in the Senate," Lenett stated. "I am honored that the Democratic Caucus elected me to leadership after only my first year in office. There is no way I could have enjoyed the success I've had so far without their guidance, friendship, and assistance. They know sometimes I need to step out and fight a tough fight for something I believe in, but working collaboratively, very often behind the scenes, we have been able to accomplish so much for Marylanders both in Montgomery County and across the state. I look forward to continuing to work with our leadership team and my other Senate colleagues next session."

The following Senators in leadership endorsed Senator Lenett:

Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr., Senate President

Nathaniel McFadden, President Pro Tem

Norman Stone, President Pro Tem Emeritus

Edward Kasemeyer, Majority Leader

Rob Garagiola, Deputy Majority Leader and Chairman of the Democratic Caucus

James Robey, Assistant Deputy Majority Leader

Catherine Pugh, Deputy Majority Whip

James Rosapepe, Assistant Deputy Majority Whip

Rich Madaleno, Chairman of the Montgomery County Senate Delegation

"Mike Lenett is an articulate advocate for progressive causes, and he picks tough fights on issues he believes in," said Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. "Mike is an effective leader, and residents of District 19 who are concerned about getting things done in Annapolis should stick with him in this election."

Senator Rob Garagiola, Deputy Majority Leader and Democratic Caucus Chair, stated: "The reason Mike has been able to pass so many bills, over two dozen in just his first term, is because he knows how to work with his colleagues to get things done. Based on what we observe every day, the Democratic Caucus chose him for leadership after only one year in office.

"He'll never win a popularity contest among lobbyists, special interests, or some legislators on the other side of the aisle on issues, but he knows how to be an effective, strong voice for his constituents. No one gave him much of a chance to pass those landmark bills to protect the Chesapeake Bay or the ban on using cell phones while driving that had failed for over a decade, but with persuasion, persistence, and some really tough floor fighting, he prevailed.

"Mike is also respected for his courage in taking principled stands, even if it means being the only or first one to speak up. He was one of the first legislators to publicly oppose cuts for developmental disabilities services, a call to which many of us later joined. Before he even took his seat in the Senate, Mike had organized the newly-elected Democratic Senators into a coalition in support of the Health Care For All initiative. Believe me, his constituents don't want to lose that kind of influence or Mike's position in leadership."

Senator Rich Madaleno added his support as Montgomery County Senate Delegation Chair: "I sit next to Mike on the Senate floor and have a unique vantage point to observe him in action on a day-to-day basis. He approaches everything he does strictly on the merits, based on whether it is the right thing for his constituents, Montgomery County, and the state. I've gotten to know Mike very well over the years and it is clear that he is a tireless advocate for the residents of his district. He's a strong progressive who cares deeply about social justice, economic opportunity, and equal rights."

"A lot of what we do in Annapolis occurs between votes," added Madaleno, "and Mike is a tough and principled fighter who is willing to take the hits and keep on fighting for the causes he believes in. He works hard and effectively both within our delegation to build coalitions to advance Montgomery County goals and with colleagues from around the state to advance progressive goals."

Additional Senate and other top government official endorsements will be announced in future releases, including Attorney General Doug Gansler, Comptroller Peter Franchot, and Congresswoman Donna Edwards.