Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why I Am Supporting Saqib Ali

By Aaron Kaufman.

Today I am very pleased to announce that I am supporting Delegate Saqib Ali in his bid to become District 39‘s next State Senator! I did not make this decision lightly as I like Nancy King very much as a person. I simply believe that on issues from sex education to marriage equality, she is to the right of most Democrats. While I do not live in District 39, I support Saqib’s campaign very strongly because I know he will be a consistent, progressive voice in the State Senate.

Saqib is a lifelong Democrat while Nancy was a Republican for many years. Saqib has consistently demonstrated a willingness to stand up to special interests. He demonstrated such a commitment when he stood up to the Alcohol lobby (arguably the most powerful lobby in Annapolis) by cosponsoring common sense legislation that would have increased the tax on alcohol by a dime and raised millions of dollars to provide vital services for people with developmental disabilities, people with mental illness and those recovering from addiction. Sadly Nancy did not sponsor and has not supported this legislation.

Saqib has been a strong advocate for tenants and consumer protection. Unlike his opponent, Saqib supports marriage equality which I believe is a civil rights issue. Major evidence of his effectiveness was recently on display when he was named one of the General Assembly’s most effective Delegates by the Gazette Newspapers.

I believe Saqib will be a passionate progressive in the State Senate who is guided by his convictions and the needs of the people of District 39! Please join me in supporting Saqib!