Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kagan Hires Campaign Staff

District 17 Senate challenger Cheryl Kagan has announced that she has hired a campaign staffer. Following is her press release.



(Rockville MD, April 29, 2010) Former Delegate Cheryl Kagan today announced the hiring of an aide for her State Senate campaign, William Rice. Will Rice is a Montgomery County native who had a precocious interest in politics: he was probably the only 11-year-old celebrating in front of the White House the night President Nixon resigned. Most recently, he’s been working for progressive candidates and causes in Eastern Maine. He was a member of his county and state Democratic committees; on the executive committee of the county Democratic Party; and secretary of an area labor rights organization. In 2008, he managed the campaign of a candidate for the state legislature.

In 2009, Will was a regional field organizer for a non-profit advocacy group working to pass federal health care reform. He consistently led the state in holding community meetings, promoting citizen communication with elected officials, and generating letters to the editor. Since moving back to the DC-area, Will has been working with the long-established liberal advocacy group Americans for Democratic Action.

“I’m thrilled to be working for Cheryl! I think in tough economic and fiscal times like these, it’s especially important to have a tested leader representing Montgomery County in Annapolis,” Rice said. “Being away from the County for a while makes me appreciate all the more this area’s culture of citizen involvement in politics and government. Gaining the trust and respect of Montgomery County voters, as Cheryl has done so well over the years, is a real testament to her talent, energy, and commitment. I look forward to contributing my skills and ideas--and to learning a lot from Cheryl!”

According to Kagan, “Will adds so much to our team: his technical knowledge, passion for the issues, and local roots all strengthen our group as we ramp up for the fall campaign.”

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