Sunday, April 25, 2010

Senator Mike Lenett Announces Re-Election Campaign

District 19 Senator Mike Lenett has announced his campaign for a second term. Following is his press release, which contains a LONG list of quotes from supporters.

April 23, 2010


Community Leaders Rally Behind a Leader We Can Trust to Put Our Interests First and to Get Things Done For Us

Silver Spring, MD-Senator Mike Lenett announced that he filed for his re-election bid as the State Senator for District 19 and unveiled strong community support from leaders throughout the district.

"I am running for re-election because, although we've made great strides in improving our schools, expanding health care, protecting our environment, and boosting economic security, there remains so much more to do to advance progressive values," said Lenett. "Developers, large corporations, and the super-rich don't need me. They have their high-priced lobbyists in Annapolis to make their voices heard loud and clear. I want to give a stronger voice to the rest of us."

"I also want to continue my Community-Based Representation program because it has been very effective and I believe accessibility is a hallmark of effective representation," Lenett added.

Lenett also highlighted the support of key prominent community leaders and active Democrats throughout the district, hundreds of whom will be taking Mike's positive message to their neighbors throughout the campaign. "This will be a grass roots-based campaign just like it was in 2006," Lenett said, "People will be seeing me at their door and hearing from those whose opinions matter most, their friends and neighbors. And our message will be positive and focused squarely on the issues - that based on my career and record of accomplishment, my constituents can trust me to continue fighting for the things that matter most to them."

Senator Lenett provided a sampling of his community support (see below):


Mike Lenett has devoted his career to helping workers, consumers, seniors, and the disadvantaged through government service in the Executive and Legislative Branches, legal advocacy, political activism, community activities, and elected office. He has served as Special Counsel in the Office of the General Counsel of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, fighting Wall Street financial fraud and protecting consumers from investment schemes. He has served as Counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, where among other things he helped write and pass the Brady Bill, the federal ban on assault weapons, the Violence Against Women Act, and President Clinton's Crime Bill of 1994, and helped defeat key planks of the Newt Gingrich-led Republican Contract With America.

Over the last 15 years, Mike has played a key role in some of the most significant consumer protection, Wall Street financial fraud, civil rights, and public safety litigation in the country, including the Enron case which recovered over $7 billion for those who lost their life's savings in the largest financial fraud in history, the Hungarian "Gold Train" case which recovered over $25 million for Holocaust survivors and resulted in an unprecedented apology from the Bush Administration for the conduct of the U.S. Army in appropriating Jewish property in the closing days of W.W.II., and the Metromail case which stopped the leading direct mail services company from using prisoners to process consumers' personal and private information for the purpose of selling such information for direct marketing and telemarketing purposes.

Elected to the Maryland Senate in 2006, Senator Lenett has continued his fight for the average citizen against unfair or fraudulent corporate practices and to promote education, health care, equal rights, and environmental protection for all.

Mike resides in Silver Spring with his wife Kriszti and their twin 6-year-olds, Jason and Sabrina, who are in first grade at Georgian Forest Elementary School. Mike's older set of twins, David and Aron, are attending Brandeis University (Mike's alma mater) and the University of Maryland, respectively. The Lenetts are members of Temple Shalom in Chevy Chase. Mike serves on the Boards of CSAAC (autism) and the B'nai B'rith Homecrest House. He helped found Family Learning Solutions, a non-profit organization devoted to child literacy in low-income areas.

Real Leadership, Real Results

"We can trust Mike to put our interests first. For Mike, it's not about him, it's about his constituents. Mike deserves re-election to the State Senate because he has demonstrated he cares about getting things done for his constituents. Mike is a different kind of politician. He's a straight shooter. For him, politics is just about trying to help people and improve their lives. He really understands and fights for our values." -- Marie Wallace

"We can trust Mike to be a strong progressive leader for us. Four years ago, Mike shook things up in exactly the way we needed things shaken up in our district. We made the choice to go in a new direction, and we made the right choice. Mike has showed us we made the right decision four years ago and chose the right person to lead us in Annapolis. We have a bold new leader fighting for us now and we are lucky to have him. He is doing the job the way he said he would, the way we want him to, and we will send him back to keep doing it." -- Ruth Weldon

"We can trust Mike to fight for what's right, and to be tenacious and persistent. He doesn't retreat. He finds ways of getting things done so all Marylanders benefit." -- Rocky Lopes

"We can trust Mike to listen to us, whereas other representatives have turned a deaf ear. He is responsive and has delivered on every promise. We can trust Mike to take our communities' interests to heart, giving 110% for us." -- Lorraine Lorek

"We can trust Mike to care about his community and his constituents. He works tirelessly for our interests, and in the interests of all Marylanders. For Mike, politics is about what is possible, not what is personal. This is a critical time for all Marylanders. Mike's proven record of accomplishment for his district and the state makes him the critical choice. I'm proud he represents me in Annapolis." -- Brien Kinkel

"We can trust Mike to be a strong voice for the things we care about and to fight the tough fights for us. Four years ago, we voted for change. Now we have it and it is working well for us. Mike really understands and fights for our values as our district's leader." -- Faye A. Freedman

"We can trust Mike to respond to our concerns. When we asked Mike for help with community issues involving Park & Planning and the State Highway Administration, his prompt and committed response amazed us. Mike personally addressed our issues with vigor and resourcefulness - he has become our number one advocate in our district." -- Patty Kane

"We can trust Mike to rise above petty politics and put the interests of District 19 first. We don't want divisive politics in District 19. I have found Mike to be a very trustworthy individual who listens attentively to our concerns and then acts on them. His mid-session legislative report to the District 19 Democratic Club was extremely impressive and appreciated by the Club members." -- Regina Crutchfield

"We can trust Mike to be there when we need him, responsive to the needs of the community. That's what I expect from my elected officials." -- Fred Shapiro

"We can trust Mike to help solve any constituent's problem with speed and efficiency, to fully answer questions from District 19 residents concerning legislation or other matters that arise at the General Assembly of Maryland, and to continue being a great Senator for District 19 and Montgomery County." -- Max Bronstein

"We can trust Mike to be our advocate and to be a man of his word. He is our knight in shining armor, fighting for us." -- Lori Austin

"We can trust Mike to be committed to Maryland's neediest citizens. Groups such as the developmentally disabled can always count on Senator Lenett's leadership and support." -- Kathy Perlman

"We can trust Mike to fight hard to protect our environment. Mike was instrumental in passing key protections for the Chesapeake Bay, in passing landmark legislation to combat global warming, and in pushing for stronger stormwater management legislation." -- Carole Barth

"We can trust Mike to be a great friend of working people and to continue his leadership for workers in the Senate." -- Ruth Musicante

"We can trust Mike to listen, learn, take action, and tell it like it is. He actually listens to our community members' concerns, speaks frankly and clearly, is a very effective conduit of communication with the various governmental offices and, when necessary, he becomes a very strong advocate for the rights of our citizens." -- Steve Weiler

"Seniors can trust Mike to keep working to get us better and cheaper health care and medicines, to keep our communities safe from gangs, guns, and reckless drivers, and to help people with disabilities. He is a special kind of elected official who really understands our concerns and is always there for us." -- Millie Topper

"We can trust Mike to support us and be readily accessible. Our community had an issue with the ICC that wasn't getting resolved until we got Mike involved. Within a week, Mike resolved the issue to our satisfaction." -- Michael Weiser

"We can trust Mike to focus on what's best for the residents of Maryland. With Mike, our needs come first. Besides his willingness and ability, he has the intelligence and background to be our strong advocate and he has proven that over the last four years." -- Carol Lundy

"We can trust Mike to fight for the environment, maintain our parks, and protect our communities." -- Lynn Vayer

"We can trust Mike to be there for us when we need him. He is always a friend to those who need a friend." -- Melodye Berry

"We can trust Mike to tackle MNCPPC and SHA on behalf of our community in a resourceful, committed and effective manner." -- John Collich

"We can trust Mike to really make a difference for seniors. He has been very active in helping to provide affordable housing for senior citizens of limited means and in the senior housing program sponsored by B'nai B'rith International." -- Harry Moskowitz

"We can trust Mike to personally meet with the community so he can see our problems first-hand. Mike came out and walked through our community with the residents so he could listen and see our problems for himself." -- Stan Lorek

"We can trust Mike to listen, understand, and fight for issues that are important to our community." -- Kristen Brown

Authority: Friends of Mike Lenett, Ron Little, Treasurer