Friday, June 11, 2010

NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland PAC Announces Endorsements

NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland has announced its endorsements for the state legislature. In MoCo, the big news is that NARAL is supporting Senate challengers Cheryl Kagan (which we previously announced) and Roger Manno. NARAL also chose to support Republican District 17 Delegate challenger Dan Campos against Democratic incumbents Luiz Simmons and Jim Gilchrist. In the case of Simmons, they may be justified. Following is the press release.


June 11, 2010


SILVER SPRING, MD -- NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland PAC is proud to endorse the following candidates for the Maryland Senate and House of Delegates. NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland PAC has endorsed candidates who will be effective leaders on women's reproductive health in Annapolis.

"This is a strong group of pro-choice leaders," said PAC Chair Tracy Terrell. "We endorsed candidates who will not only support a woman’s right to choose, but who will work to pass legislation that will help Maryland women and families and who will educate their colleagues about reproductive health issues. We are very excited about these candidates." Terrell added.

Endorsed incumbents:

Senator Katherine Klausmeier - District 8
Senator James Robey – District 13
Senator Brian Frosh - District 16
Senator Rich Madaleno – District 18
Senator Jamie Raskin – District 20
Senator John Astle – District 30
Senator Nancy King - District 39
Senator Jim Brochin - District 42
Senator George Della – District 46
Delegate Elizabeth Bobo - District 12B
Delegate Anne Kaiser - District 14
Delegate Kathleen Dumais – District 15
Delegate Brian Feldman - District 15
Delegate Susan Lee - District 16
Delegate Bill Frick - District 16
Delegate Kumar Barve - District 17
Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez – District 18
Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher – District 18
Delegate Ben Kramer – District 19
Delegate Sheila Hixson – District 20
Delegate Tom Hucker – District 20
Delegate Heather Mizeur – District 20
Delegate Barbara Frush – District 21
Delegate James Hubbard - District 23A
Delegate Sue Kullen - District 27B
Speaker Michael Busch - District 30
Delegate Charles Barkley – District 39
Delegate Kirill Reznik – Delegate 39
Delegate Stephen Lafferty - District 42
Delegate Peter Hammen - District 46
Delegate Brian McHale – District 46

Endorsed challengers:

Jordan Hadfield – Senate Candidate District 6
Hon. Cheryl Kagan – Senate Candidate District 17
Hon. Roger Manno – Senate Candidate District 19
Eric Luedtke – Delegate Candidate District 14
Ariana Kelly – Delegate Candidate District 16
Dan Campos – Delegate Candidate District 17
Bonnie Cullison – Delegate Candidate District 19
Nicole Williams – Delegate Candidate District 23A
Judd Legum – Delegate Candidate District 30
Lori Albin – Delegate Candidate District 42
Luke Clippinger – Delegate Candidate District 46

Since 1982, NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland PAC has worked to elect pro-choice candidates to all levels of office and is the most influential pro-choice PAC in Maryland.

Contact: 301-565-4154

By Authority Emily Luedtke, Treasurer