Thursday, June 17, 2010

Prince George's County Council Candidate Swears Off Robocalls

Prince George's County Council District 9 candidate Tamara Davis Brown has vowed not to make any robocalls to voters in her district. Yes, folks, this is the same candidate who is tangling with the infamous, plagiarizing Juanita "Wild Child" Miller. We are so tickled by Brown's pledge that your author may have to temporarily relocate to her district until the primary is over. Following is her press release.

UPDATED: Tamara Davis Brown Takes “Do Not Robo Call” Pledge
Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tamara Davis Brown, a candidate for Prince George’s County Council in District 9, today announced her pledge not to conduct “robo calls” to voters in her district. She is one of many candidates that has taken the pledge since the non-profit Citizens for Civil Discourse launched the National Political Do Not Contact Registry.

“I take every person’s vote very seriously. If I am asking them to take a personal action in voting for me, I believe I owe them a personal effort to reach them, explain my platform and ask for their support,” stated Davis Brown. “Robo calls are a low-cost way to introduce a candidate to thousands of residents, but I believe voters deserve better than just hearing a recording. They want to make a more informed decision about their representative. I am depending on my years of grassroots advocacy and proven track record of results to win their vote—not merely name recognition—and that can not be conveyed by a recording.”

By pledging not to use robo calls, voters in District 9 will not have to worry about receiving intrusive, pre-recorded phone calls from Tamara Davis Brown during the campaign. From now until the primary election on September 14, 2010, Davis Brown and her team will personally canvas all of District 9 to inform voters about her candidacy.

Additionally, she encourages voters to opt out of receiving robocalls by registering their phone number with the National Political Do Not Contact Registry website, The National Political Do Not Contact Registry fills a void in the Federal Trade Commission’s National Do Not Call (DNC) registry. Because the First Amendment protects political speech, political calls are specifically excluded from the Federal DNC.

Shaun Dakin, founder and CEO of, expressed his enthusiastic support for Davis Brown’s pledge. “I started the National Political Do Not Contact Registry to help residents protect their privacy by eliminating invasive, automated calls from politicians asking for their vote. I applaud Tamara Davis Brown for making the pledge and affirming that it is time for these calls to stop.”

For more information on the National Political Do Not Contact Registry, please visit To learn more about the candidacy of Tamara Davis Brown for District 9 County Council, please visit, or follow her on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Harris, Communications Manager for Tamara Davis Brown, at 703.582.4110 or e-mail