Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Top Blog Posts, April 2010

Here are the most-viewed blog posts on MPW in April 2010.

1. Why MPW Turned Down the Washington Post
2. MPW Poll: House 19
3. Twitter to Post: Bloggers Aren’t Your Slaves
4. MPW Poll: Senate 19
5. MPW Poll: Council District 1
6. MCGEO Lays Siege to Rockville
7. The State of Maryland Blogdom, Part Three
8. Bloated Management Salaries in MoCo Government
9. MPW Poll: Senate 39
10. Annapolis Fit Club

The big story of the month was the Washington Post’s blogoscabbing program, which attracted national condemnation. The original post will go down as the second-most visited post in the history of MPW, behind only “Pols Party While Budget Burns.” Even the world-famous Washington Post can’t compete with these guys!

We are not surprised that most of the remaining leaders are MPW polls, which are relentlessly stuffed by politicians. Some candidates truly resent them because of the time and effort required to drive supporters to vote in them. “You have to stop running these polls or we are all going to hate you!” ranted one politician, who especially despised our exposing ballot stuffers. OK, we get it. We will not run any more contest-specific reader polls until our next Primaries to Watch series and we will no longer poke fun at ballot stuffers. For the record, almost every candidate polled sends supporters to vote in them.

As of this writing, here are the results in last month’s MPW polls.

Who Will Win in Council District 1?

Roger Berliner, 633 votes (50.4%)
Ilaya Hopkins, 622 votes (49.6%)

Is There Any Way to Keep Craig Zucker Out of the House?

No, 152 votes (78.8%)
Yes, 41 votes (21.2%)

Which New District 19 House Candidate is Most Likely to be Elected?

Sam Arora, 1393 votes (53.8%)
Jay Hutchins, 863 votes (33.3%)
Bonnie Cullison, 230 votes (8.9%)
Hoan Dang, 103 votes (4.0%)

Who Will Win the District 14 Senate Race?

Karen Montgomery, 185 votes (65.6%)
Rona Kramer, 97 votes (34.4%)

Which Council At-Large Challenger is Most Likely to Win?

Hans Riemer, 463 votes (71.5%)
Becky Wagner, 131 votes (20.2%)
None of them, 41 votes (6.3%)
Jane de Winter, 13 votes (2.0%)

Who Will Win the District 19 Senate Race?

Mike Lenett, 1462 votes (50.0%)
Roger Manno, 1461 votes (50.0%)

Who Will the District 39 Senate Race?

Saqib Ali, 472 votes (67.7%)
Nancy King, 225 votes (32.3%)

Who Will Win the District 17 Senate Race?

Cheryl Kagan, 218 votes (71.5%)
Jennie Forehand, 87 votes (28.5%)

We’ll have more of your picks next month!