Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meoww!! SEIU Blasts Duchy

On May 4, the three school unions – MCEA, SEIU Local 500 and the Supervisors – sent a long joint letter posing multiple questions about furloughs and proposing alternatives. So Council Member Duchy Trachtenberg, Chair of the council’s Management and Fiscal Policy Committee, sent a response and that made the cats scratch and hiss!

Here is the full text of Trachtenberg’s response to the unions’ voluminous and richly detailed letter.

Upon receiving this via email, SEIU Local 500 President Merle Cuttita wrote the following back to Trachtenberg:

Mrs. Trachtenberg,

I do not understand your response, there is no response from you regarding the addressing of the specific questions asked by us in our May 4, 2010 letter. It is difficult for me to understand why an elected official, upon whose leadership we depend, has chosen to ignore employees who are citizens of this county. We did not believe our questions to be inappropriate for you or the MFP committee to be able to answer.

I am overwhelmingly disappointed in your response as the chair of the MFP committee.


Merle Cuttitta
SEIU Local 500
This exchange was cc’d to the entire County Council and every member of MoCo’s statehouse delegation. Remember fighting in the school yard while all the kids gathered round?