Monday, May 17, 2010

Spy Report: Manno Kickoff

Because your author cannot be everywhere (and the Missus and the Little Man would kill him if he tried), this blog sent a mole to spy on Delegate Roger Manno's Senate campaign kickoff on Sunday. Here is what our informant had to say.


Many of us have been speculating what shape Roger Manno's campaign would be in after his announcement, and I think that after seeing his kickoff, people are universally seeing a very tough challenge for Lenett. Lenett has the support of Annapolis leadership, but Manno's kickoff is sending the message that he has the support of the people and groups that actually live in the county and District 19.

It seems like EVERYONE was at this kickoff, with probably 120-150 people packing the venue. Some notables include Del. Susan Lee, Del. Brian Feldman, Del. Herman Taylor, Councilmembers Valerie Ervin and Nancy Navarro (along with Elrich staffer Dale Tibbits and Berliner manager Heather Mills), most of the Leisure World Democratic Club leadership, District 19 candidates Jay Hutchins and Bonnie Cullison, many of the county's progressive activists like Gina Angiola, Mike Hersh, Greg Smith, and Luis Zapata, labor activists like Vance Ayres and Jackie Lichter, minority activists like Milagros McGuire and Chung Pak.

Some guests actually saw Mike Lenett driving around the venue in his car. I would be curious too, and I'm sure he was not pleased with what he saw. If he had gone inside, he would be scared too. All of the former 19 representatives got on stage in succession and trashed (without naming him) Lenett's inability to see beyond his own self-interest or be a team player to get things done for District 19 residents, including Len Teitelbaum, Adrienne Mandel, Carol Petzold, and Hank Heller (through a written statement). Ouch!