Thursday, May 13, 2010

Carrier Aces Interview, Likely to be Next Planning Chair

Multiple council building sources report that Francoise Carrier, the Director of the county’s Office of Zoning and Administrative Hearings, hit a home run in the interviews for Planning Board Chair yesterday. One Council Member said she was "head and shoulders" above the other three candidates, who are former Planning Board Member John Robinson, Kensington Mayor Pete Fosselman and Housing and Opportunities Commission Member Tedi Osias.

"People are going to like her," said another Council Member. "People will see that the Planning Board will be in good hands." Yet another Council Member said, "It was off the charts how good she was." This person praised Carrier's offer to provide alternatives to the council along with master plan drafts, something which has not been done before. "She demonstrated that she would be our partner in that. She knows her job is to work with us."

At the moment, we believe Carrier has at least eight of the council's nine votes. The council will select the next Planning Chair on Tuesday.