Monday, September 06, 2010

Top Blog Posts, August 2010

Here are the most-viewed blog posts on MPW in August 2010, which was our record month.

1. Big Daddy Smokes Saqib Ali
2. Nancy King Launches Attack Site on Saqib Ali
3. The Most Devastating Attack Mailers in MoCo
4. The Classiest Race in MoCo
5. Endorsements 2010 – First Update
6. Big Daddy’s New Slate
7. Police, Fire Fighters Picket Trachtenberg Again
8. Vote Team Ehrlich, Speak English
9. Cheryl Kagan is Everywhere
10. Post Endorses in State Legislative Races

So the top three posts all involve the District 39 Senate race. Gee, folks, what is going on up there that is so interesting?