Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Becky Wagner: Thank You

Council at-large candidate Becky Wagner sent the following message to her supporters today.

Thank You

Dear Friends,

The primary election may be over, but from my view, your 30,000+ votes mark our beginning. More than 30,000 of you said yes to our vision of a Montgomery County. During the campaign I talked about a County where everyone thrives. We talked about growing our revenue base to pay for the core services that we want: education, fire and safety, parks and libraries, and services for the most vulnerable. We asked for a County which attracts good jobs and thriving businesses. I called for workforce housing and reliable, affordable mass transit to become a priority. We said that the County Council must practice fiscal discipline and require accountability in all fiscal matters.

30,000 of you sent a message to the Council. You said difficult challenges require leadership which elevates the dialog, represents thoughtful deliberation and courageous decision making. The work of the Council is too important for personal agendas and acting in self-interest. Our decisions must be based on the answer to this question: what represents the greater good for our whole community? Sometimes the answer is not popular, but the right way is not always the easy way. So now, we are 30,000 strong in holding the County Council accountable. Choices made by the County Council touch every resident of our county. Every decision today needs to be about our future and our vision for Montgomery County.

So we didn’t quite make it to the General Election. We did, however, give voice to our vision for Montgomery County.

Please accept my deepest appreciation! You signed on to be part of the Friends of Becky Wagner campaign and were part of an effort that made us proud. You knocked on doors, phone banked, email-blasted, hosted meet& greets, marched in parades and contributed your dollars and time. Our team: campaign manager Edward Cooper, along with Robin Savits Cooper, Pam McRainey and Andy White as co-chairs and Kathy Michaelian serving as Treasurer created the framework which made it possible for thousands of terrific volunteers to find their voice as Friends of Becky Wagner.

You, like me, believe our best days are ahead of us. We have to trust each other and have confidence going forward. We are not alone. We are 30,000 strong and growing!

Thank you and great good wishes for the coming year.

Becky Wagner