Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We’re Calling Them! (Two Updates)

With nearly three-quarters of the county’s precincts (175) plus early votes in, we are calling most of the primaries. The winners are:

D14 House: Kaiser, Zucker, Luedtke
D15 House: Feldman, Dumais, Miller
D16 House: Frick, Lee
D17 House: Barve, Gilchrist, Simmons
D18 Senate: Madaleno
D18 House: Carr, Gutierrez, Waldstreicher
D19 Senate: Manno
D19 House: Kramer, Cullison, Arora
D20 House: Hixson, Hucker, Mizeur
D39 House: Barkley, Reznik, Robinson
Council At-Large: Elrich, Floreen, Riemer, Leventhal
Council 1: Berliner
Council 2: Rice

Not Called:

D14 Senate – Montgomery 3,232 vs. Kramer 3,108
D17 Senate – Forehand 2,506 vs. Kagan 2,499
D39 Senate – King 3,051 vs. Ali 2,813
D16 House 3rd Seat – Kelly 3,009 vs. Lierman 2,689

Update: We hear that Lenett and Ali have conceded.

Update 2: With all precincts counted, Forehand leads Kagan 3,830 to 3,522; King leads Ali 3,514 to 3,287; and Kelly leads Lierman 4,817 to 4,443. We are calling those races for the leaders. In the District 14 Senate race, Montgomery leads Kramer 4,740 to 4,639. That race will go to absentees and provisionals.