Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Turnout is LOW LOW

Guess what? Turnout is low, low, LOW. Surprise, surprise!

MCDCC has released a list of turnout counts for 183 precincts as of 3 PM. Those precincts together reported 33,380 Democratic votes so far. That projects to about 44,000 votes for all 243 precincts. There were 94,351 Democratic votes on primary day, 2006.

Now 6,087 Democratic early votes have been cast in MoCo, so the combined total was about 50,000 at 3 PM. The prime-time evening hours are only now underway. So what will the poll vote total be? Seventy thousand something? Eighty thousand? That’s still significantly below 2006.

Anecdotal data from our spies confirm this. Every informant we have spoken with at the polls says that turnout is “light,” “dismal” or even “abysmal.” Low turnout is going to be a major explanatory factor in these elections.