Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top Blog Posts, September 1 Through September 13

This month, MPW is on pace to receive at least 70,000 site visits and perhaps 200,000 page views, both runaway records in the history of this site. About a fifth of our traffic comes from search engine links, so when voters search for candidates online, they come here because information on them often does not exist anywhere else. When they have arrived over the last two weeks, here are the posts they have viewed more often than any others.

1. Light Saqib, Dark Saqib
2. Nuclear War in District 19
3. Illegal Sample Ballot Goes Out in Prince George’s County
4. Do You Believe Your Own Eyes?
5. Police Call for Investigation of Duchy Trachtenberg
6. Saqib and the Seven Dwarfs
7. MPW Reader Poll: Who is Running the Dirtiest Campaign in MoCo?
8. Did Marc Elrich Break the Ethics Law?
9. MCRG Claims Duchy Trachtenberg Misused Maryland NOW Money
10. Endorsements – Final Update

Draw your own conclusions on which candidates have been helped and which have been hurt by these choices of the readers.