Friday, September 03, 2010

Illegal Sample Ballot Goes Out in Prince George's County

Prince George's State's Attorney candidate Angela Alsobrooks has filed a complaint with federal and state prosecutors over an illegal sample ballot that has been mailed and distributed in Prince George's County. The ballot claims to be "an official Democratic ballot," but contains an authority line of a political committee that is not registered with the state and is, in any event, not from the county party.

Here's the sample ballot. Note its claim to be "an official Democratic ballot" and its authority line of "Citizens for Change, Charles Summers, Treasurer." No committee matching that name and Treasurer is registered with the State Board of Elections. And note how the ballot claims to be "official" but contains no indication that it came from any entity affiliated with the county party.

Here is Alsobrooks' letter to prosecutors. She rightly notes the county's history of fraudulent conduct during elections and asks for immediate enforcement. We agree.