Friday, August 13, 2010

Cheryl Kagan is Everywhere

This blog post’s title is not a literal statement, but rather a quote from our analysis of the District 17 Senate race last September. And now that quote is being used in Cheryl Kagan’s first mailer, which we unveil below.

This is a really good mailer, and not just because it quotes us. (That doesn’t hurt, though.) Its message is ENERGY, which is pretty much the Kagan way, and reassures the reader that Kagan is “always there when we need her.” The contrast with the incumbent is implied but noticeable.

This piece is reminiscent of a mailer from Kagan’s first Delegate race – which she won – in 1994. Even then, her message was that she was a candidate who deployed great energy and worked hard on behalf of the voters. The times change, but Kagan’s campaign style stays the same.

Kagan is the second candidate to quote MPW in her mailers after District 14’s Eric Luedtke. We just can’t get enough of this. Why don’t more candidates take advantage of the free publicity they receive here? It’s not like anyone else is really covering our races.

OK, here’s an incentive. Anyone who quotes us in their mail gets to report a lump sum on their next campaign finance report with no complaint from us. Deal?