Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kagan Hits Forehand Again

District 17 Senate challenger Cheryl Kagan has sent out a second negative mailer against incumbent Jennie Forehand, this time criticizing her for voting in favor of the 2007 special session tax bill that included, among many elements, a tax on computer services.

A contemporaneous Post article cited by Kagan contains this quote from Forehand on the bill:

“I really was so reluctant to vote for it,” Forehand said later.

The source of her hesitation: Under the bill, the state would apply a 6 percent sales tax to a range of computer services. “I think that's going to be detrimental to my county,” Forehand said.

Even so, she said, she had resolved to support the bill if Democrats needed her vote.
Forehand and Kagan sparred over the issue on News Channel 8, with Forehand saying that she helped repeal the computer tax but Kagan bringing up the fact that she had voted to create it. That was a prelude to the negative mailer shown above.