Monday, August 23, 2010

Correcting the Record II

Adam Pagnucco posted a mail piece from Saqib Ali's Senate campaign that has a quotation from yours truly. I imagine I should be flattered. Unfortunately, the quote is taken completely out of context.

The mail piece has a nice blurb on Saqib Ali from Maryland Politics Watch:

a hardworking energetic outsider and a committed real progressive
Here is the quotation in context:
The campaign between Saqib Ali and Nancy King will center on two competing memes already visible as early as May Day in what may become the most interesting primary in Montgomery over the next few months.

Saqib Ali will relentlessly emphasize two themes as he works to move from the House to the Senate: (1) he's a hardworking energetic outsider, and (2) a committed real progressive in contrast to his opponent.

Since almost the day of Nancy King's appointment to the vacancy by the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee, Del. Ali has worked to present himself to the left of Sen. King on issues from gay rights to recording votes. This strategy depends upon that Democratic primary voters tend to come from the left wing of the party as well as the general dissatisfaction in the land that makes 2010 a dangerous climate for anyone labeled an "insider."
In short, the blurb on the mail piece sounds like a positive evaluation from an independent observer while the actual quotation simply describes my view on how Saqib Ali's campaign will present the candidate. Apparently, I was so accurate in the latter that the quote has now been misused in an attempt to signal to voters that the campaign's self-image is reality.

Bad form in my book.