Thursday, August 26, 2010

Frosh Defends Forehand from Kagan's Negative Mail

Senator Brian Frosh (D-16), who is the Chair of the Judicial Proceedings Committee and has endorsed committee member Jennie Forehand, has released a statement defending Forehand from Cheryl Kagan's first negative mailer. In the mailer, Kagan criticized Forehand for missing a vote on a critical amendment to a bill repealing the death penalty that changed its purpose to restricting rather than ending it. Following is Frosh's statement, which was circulated by Forehand's campaign.

Setting the Record Straight
August 2010

Dear Friends:

I worked closely with Governor O'Malley to repeal the death penalty. Senator Jennie Forehand was a critical ally in our fight to end capital punishment in Maryland. Jennie voted with repeal advocates in each critical vote during the process.

Jennie voted for the repeal in the Judicial Proceedings Committee;

When the repeal fell short in committee, Jennie voted to bring the bill to the Senate floor over the objections of the Senate President;

When her vote was needed to start debate, Jennie was there - casting the deciding vote to move the debate forward;

When Senate Republicans tried to kill the bill by sending it back to Committee, Jennie voted to keep the issue on the Senate floor; and

Jennie voted for the final version of the bill, which dramatically restricted capital punishment in Maryland, limiting it to the rarest of situations.

We took a dozen tough votes on the issue, and Jennie voted with repeal advocates at each critical step. You can see the final Senate vote that passed the bill here and the full public record here.

I was there, and I know the important role that Jennie played. She was there when repeal advocates needed her, taking tough votes and standing up to the Senate President when she thought he was wrong.

Jennie Forehand takes her duties seriously. She's never backed away from a tough fight, and she works hard for the residents of District 17. Whether you vote early or on Election Day this year, I hope you vote to send Jennie back to the Maryland Senate.


Brian E. Frosh