Sunday, August 22, 2010

Post Endorses in State Legislative Races

The Washington Post has made its endorsements in state legislative races. The endorsed candidates are:

District 14 Senate: Rona Kramer
District 14 House: Anne Kaiser, Bo Newsome, Jodi Finkelstein
District 15 House: Brian Feldman, Kathleen Dumais, Aruna Miller
District 16 House: Bill Frick, Susan Lee, Hrant Jamgochian
District 17 Senate: Cheryl Kagan
District 18 Senate: Rich Madaleno
District 18 House: Ana Sol Gutierrez, Dana Beyer, Vanessa Atterbeary
District 19 Senate: Roger Manno
District 19 House: Ben Kramer, Bonnie Cullison, Sam Arora
District 20 House: Sheila Hixson, Tom Hucker, Heather Mizeur
District 39 Senate: Nancy King
District 39 House: Charles Barkley, Kirill Reznik, Bob Hydorn

The Post went against MCEA a great many times when it had a choice, picking non-Apple candidates Rona Kramer, Bo Newsome, Jodi Finkelstein, Hrant Jamgochian, Cheryl Kagan, Rich Madaleno, Dana Beyer, Vanessa Atterbeary, Roger Manno, Sam Arora and Bob Hydorn over Apple-supported Karen Montgomery, Craig Zucker, Eric Luedtke, Ariana Kelly, Jennie Forehand, Jeff Waldstreicher, Al Carr, Mike Lenett, Jay Hutchins and Shane Robinson. Surprisingly, the Post endorsed former MCEA President Bonnie Cullison, whom it blasted in February. Beyer and Atterbeary beat out Waldstreicher and Carr because of the latter two Delegates' opposition to rail on the Purple Line.

The Post did not endorse in non-contested primaries. So for example, Senators Rob Garagiola, Brian Frosh, Jamie Raskin and the District 17 Delegates were not mentioned.

You can read the editorial here.