Tuesday, June 01, 2010

No Signs of Life in District 19

On Sunday, your author took the Little Man out for a long drive to preserve the sanity of the Missus. So MoCo’s most infamous father-son blogging team headed up to District 19, site of some of the county’s most unpredictable state legislative races, to go sign-counting. We hit most of the district’s main drags, including Georgia Avenue, New Hampshire Avenue, Norbeck Road, Layhill Road and Bel Pre/Belmont Roads. And what did we see?

One Sam Arora sign and one Ehrlich-Steele sign.

That’s right, Michael Steele – a man who has been off the ballot for almost four years – has more signs up than most of the District 19 candidates who have been allegedly campaigning for months. That’s pathetic! In contrast, District 18 has dozens of political signs decorating Connecticut and Georgia Avenues. OK, so maybe a lot of them are illegal, but at least someone took the initiative to put them up!

You guys need to get your butts in gear. If you don’t, the next three District 19 Delegates may be Long and Foster, W.C. & A.N. Miller and For Sale by Owner.