Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bad Boy Backs the Hunk

In an endorsement that had to happen (and that MPW readers knew was coming), House Majority Leader Kumar “Bad Boy” Barve has announced his support for District 19 Delegate candidate Sam “Hunk of the Hill” Arora. Here’s what the Bad Boy had to say.

Majority Leader Barve Endorses Sam Arora for the House of Delegates

Dear [Voter]:

As Majority Leader in the Maryland House of Delegates, I have been working to create jobs and put Maryland’s economy on the right track. We’re making progress, but there is still more work to be done. In tough times like these, we need smart, talented public servants who have the vision to bring creative solutions to the table.

That’s why I am endorsing Sam Arora for Delegate in District 19. Sam is a native of Rockville, a family businessman, and an advocate with more than a decade of experience of working in public service and organizing for progressive Democrats. Please join me in supporting his campaign by making a contribution today.

Sam has been a personal friend for years and a great volunteer on my past campaigns. He is a fighter, and I have seen how hard he worked as an aide to Hillary Clinton, a law clerk to Doug Gansler, and an organizer for the Democratic Party. Sam has what it takes to win one of the two open seats in District 19 and be a leader in Annapolis.

Sam is running an aggressive grassroots campaign, and your contribution will make a real difference:

$24 buys food and water for campaign’s volunteers who are knocking on doors each weekend;
$61 provides postage for the 216 handwritten notes Sam sends to voters in his district each week; or
$96 pays for 31 lawn signs that can boost his visibility in the area.

Will you join me in supporting Sam Arora’s campaign? Contribute today!


Kumar P. Barve
Majority Leader
If Arora gets elected, this will only lead to good times in the blogosphere. Who knows what trouble the Bad Boy and the Hunk will cause on their nights out? Just those nicknames by themselves will generate great headlines! One word of advice for Kumar: maybe you should let Sam do the driving.