Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Berliner Racks Up More Endorsements

Council Member Roger Berliner has added six names to his growing stack of endorsements: County Executive Ike Leggett and Council Members Marc Elrich, George Leventhal, Duchy Trachtenberg, Phil Andrews and Nancy Navarro. Following is his press release.

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County Executive & 5 Councilmembers Endorse Roger Berliner for Re-election

Bethesda, MD (June 1, 2010) – Incumbent County Councilmember Roger Berliner (District 1) today announced his endorsement by County Executive Isiah Leggett and five of his colleagues on the Montgomery County Council: three of the four at-large members -- Marc Elrich (At-large), George Leventhal (At-Large), and Duchy Trachtenberg (At-Large); and two district members, Phil Andrews (District 3) and Nancy Navarro (District 4).

Here is what the County Executive and his colleagues had to say about Councilmember Berliner:

County Executive Leggett

“I have worked closely with Roger over the past 3 and a half years. He brings great balance, thoughtfulness, and civility to the Council’s deliberations. He has been a champion of fiscal responsibility and our small business community. He has succeeded in striking the right balance on development – protecting District 1’s beautiful residential neighborhoods while promoting smarter, greener growth. And his leadership on environmental issues has made Montgomery County a model for county governments across the country. He works hard, promotes consensus, and has produced great results for District 1 and our county. In these challenging times, we need Roger more than ever, and so does District 1.”

Councilmember Marc Elrich (At-Large)

“Roger is able and willing to look at new approaches to solving the challenges facing the council and he works hard to engage his colleagues. But probably of most importance to his constituents is his willingness to listen to the communities in his district and to ensure that their concerns are heard by the Council. Residents of District 1 are well represented and, for me, he's been a great person to work with. I'm happy to endorse Roger in his re-election bid and know that he'll be a champion of your best interests.

Councilmember George Leventhal (At-Large)

“I have worked closely with Councilmember Berliner to keep Montgomery County at the forefront of clean and renewable energy policy, energy efficiency, sustainable living and environmental protection. Roger is an innovative legislator with a sharp intellect. I enjoy serving with him on the County Council."

Councilmember Duchy Trachtenberg (At-Large)

"Councilmember Roger Berliner has represented the residents of District 1 in an effective and thoughtful manner. Roger has worked with me on a number of important social initiatives and has shown himself to be a compassionate and hard-working advocate for families, seniors, and women. His wisdom and good judgment are recognized by both his colleagues and constituents alike."

Councilmember Phil Andrews (D-3)

"Roger Berliner is a strong and effective voice for making government more accountable to the public. He has been tested on the County Council, and has repeatedly stood up to powerful lobbyists and interest groups to protect and to advance the common good."

Councilmember Nancy Navarro (D-4)

"Roger made real and effective contributions during our recent budget deliberations. His commitment to addressing the County's fiscal situation and his willingness to work collaboratively were very helpful as we made some very difficult decisions."

Councilmember Berliner responded to the support and recognition of the County Executive and his colleagues:

“It is very gratifying to have the support of the County Executive and a strong majority of my colleagues. The County Executive, as the former Chairman of our state Democratic Party, knows better than almost anyone the benefit of Democrats pulling together and putting minor differences aside for the greater benefit of our community. The endorsements by my colleagues is also proof positive that we are pulling together for a better Montgomery County. Their kind words are deeply appreciated.”

Berliner’s campaign had previously announced more than 150 endorsements of local and elected leaders in January, a list which included United States Senator Ben Cardin, Attorney General Doug Gansler, and State Comptroller Peter Franchot. Last month, the incumbent councilmember expanded that list when he received the endorsements of the District 15, District 16 and District 18 delegations.

The primary election is scheduled to take place September 14, 2010.

About Councilmember Roger Berliner:

Roger Berliner, a life-long Democrat, was first elected to the Montgomery County Council in November 2006 when he defeated the incumbent Republican by 12 percentage points. He currently serves as Lead Member for Energy and Environment on the Council’s Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy, and Environment Committee and is a member of the Public Safety Committee. He also serves as the Council’s representative to the County’s Sustainability Working Group and Green Economic Task Force. Regionally, he is on the Washington Regional Board of Directors of the Council of Governments, and serves as Vice Chairman of COG’s Climate, Energy, and Environment Policy Committee.

Councilmember Berliner’s accomplishments on the County Council include:

· Comprehensively addressing our traffic issues by sponsorship and passage of a tough new transportation test for development; proposing that Wisconsin and Connecticut Avenues be designated by the Governor as Sustainable Transportation Corridors; and providing incentives for developers to commit to taking action that will result in fewer cars on our roads.

· Sponsoring and passing several major energy/environmental initiatives that include the groundbreaking Home Energy Loan Program, a tax credit for solar energy, and a consumer measure that gives homebuyers information on how much their new home will cost to heat and cool, as well as sponsoring a first in the country “carbon tax” that would be paid by the largest polluters in order to compensate the County for its investment in greenhouse gas reduction programs.

· Successfully fighting to protect our quality of life by sponsoring and passing comprehensive McMansion reform; preserving the open space at the heart of Bethesda on Woodmont and Bethesda Avenues; preserving the historic viewshed of the C&O Canal from unsightly development; and sponsoring legislation to preserve farmer’s markets.

· Leading the fight to provide stronger public safety by keeping the Bethesda police station open to the public 24/7; fighting against the proposed ambulance fee that would cripple our invaluable volunteer service; and advocating for a new computer system to reduce response times for ambulance calls.

· Strengthening our local economy by working with the County Executive’s team to provide small businesses with access to capital; creating good “green jobs” in Montgomery County; being a leader in the remaking of White Flint, which is estimated to produce $6-7 Billion in additional county revenues; and sponsoring a resolution that would create a Joint County Executive/County Council Commission on Restructuring County Government.

· Fighting to preserve the quality of our school system by sponsoring and passing the amendment to the growth policy that ensures developers contribute where schools are overcrowded; working with MCPS to ensure that District 1 schools receive their fair share of modernization funding; and supporting 99% of the school system’s operating budget requests.

From speed bumps to modern elementary schools to sustainable transit policies, Roger's focus has been and will continue to be protecting the community we love and preserving our quality of life.