Thursday, June 03, 2010

Meow-Meow! Hopkins Bashes Berliner

Council District 1 challenger Ilaya Hopkins had some very interesting things to say about her Tuesday night debate with incumbent Roger Berliner. Read on, dear reader, and beware!

In her latest email blast sent yesterday, Hopkins said the following:

Success in Chevy Chase!

Dear [Voter],

Last evening was the first District 1 Candidate Forum. Thanks again to the Town of Chevy Chase and many other groups who helped organize and advertise the event. Over 200 people attended! The video will be available soon.

My opponent and I fielded a wide array of questions from the moderator and the audience. The difference between us was clear. He continues to be absent or ineffective on issues that matter. My opponent seems to think voter should thank him for this year’s budget catastrophe. In just one example, he claimed he achieved a 40% reduction in energy taxes. In fact, energy taxes are set to go up 85% overall. This is just one example of my opponent's disconnection.

Montgomery County is buckling under the pressure of an unsustainable budget that has gone unchecked. My opponent has voted for every final operating budget since being elected which has resulted in unimaginable deficits, fleeing businesses, deteriorating roads, overcrowded schools. He continues to miss opportunities to address core issues, until they are raised in the Washington Post. I am running for Council because District 1 deserves a council member who works for the people full time, respects all members of the community, and will make the success of Montgomery County job #1.

I can not win this race without your help. I ask you to do what you can - talk to your neighbors, put up a sign, contribute your money or your time or both. For more information, contact the campaign manager or simply reply to this e-mail. Now is the time for us to forge ahead to bring a new commitment to the County Council.

Thank you for your continued support.


Ilaya Hopkins
“Absent or ineffective on issues that matter.” “Disconnection.” “Continues to miss opportunities.” “My opponent seems to think voter should thank him for this year’s budget catastrophe.” And he’s mean to kittens too! MEOOWW!

Hopkins has also started a “Roger Watch” in the right margin of her emails. But why on Earth does it link to Berliner’s comments on Memorial Day? Isn’t “Roger Watch” supposed to spotlight unflattering coverage?

Needless to say, the incumbent has a different take. Here’s an email from Berliner’s campaign manager, Heather Mills, that went out last night:

Good Evening!

It’s been a great 24 hours for the campaign.

Last night, at a standing room only debate in Chevy Chase, Roger proved again why he is the best person to be your District 1 County Council representative. Roger was commanding in the debate by being knowledgeable, thoughtful, respectful and gracious. Our challenger lobbed lackluster rhetoric while attacking Roger for the very things she agreed with and then attempted to explain her recent conversion to the Democratic Party by noting that she has a few family members who are Democrats. Don’t worry if you missed it live; you’ll have another chance tonight, June 2, or next Wednesday, June 9, at 9 p.m. on MMC TV, Channel 16 to see the debate. Thank You to everyone who took time out of your busy schedules to come out and show your support for Roger last night and Thank You to all who were there in spirit. It wouldn’t have been a great event without you!

The other big news today just popped into my inbox and you are the first to know: Roger has been endorsed by the MCEA (Montgomery County Education Association), otherwise known as “The Apple Ballot.” It’s great news and yet another acknowledgment of Rogers leadership, his ability to steer us through these tough fiscal times and bring people together to work out differences. Be sure to check out the campaign website for a Press Release tomorrow.

Thank you again for your steadfast support and advice.

All our best,


Heather D. Mills
Campaign Manager
Gotta love the whole “recent conversion to the Democratic Party” thing. Yes, we had that first. Thanks for mentioning us, Heather! Caught any spies lately?

We are still more than three months out from Primary Day. Can you imagine what the mailers are going to look like?