Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Caught! Berliner Campaign Outs Hopkins Spy

It should surprise no one among MPW's jaded readership that rival campaigns often spy on each other. Sometimes the spies are caught and sometimes they are not. But this time, County Council Member Roger Berliner's campaign has captured a mole sent in by challenger Ilaya Hopkins, and has trussed him up for delivery to MPW!

Following is an email sent by Berliner campaign manager Heather Mills to Hopkins campaign manager Chris Gill. The specific espionage technique, and the method used to ensnare the infiltrator, will be obvious from a casual read.

From: Heather Mills
Sent: Sun 4/04/10 12:21 PM
To: Chris Gill

Hi Chris,

Just a quick note to let you know that someone (I'm assuming it wasn't you) is trying to play a joke on us. Yesterday, I was checking our volunteer signups via the website and noticed that you had graciously volunteered to help with our campaign! The first thought that came to mind when I saw your name and email was "I need to get him a special T-shirt!"; but alas, I know you would never make such a move without first doing the right thing and discussing your change of heart with your candidate (that would be an interesting conversation!).

However, If I am in error (I am humble enough to never assume I am right about everything and I know you have signed up for our email alerts on more than one occasion in the past), and you do, in fact wish to volunteer for Roger's Campaign, please let me know what time you are available on September 14th and November 2nd to work the polls for Roger. The team is, of course, also always looking for more help over the summer at the many events we have planned.

Oh - And what size shirt do you wear?

In the best of competitive spirits and good fun,


Heather D. Mills
Campaign Manager
Friends of Roger Berliner