Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Opposed Not Just to Marriage Equality but to Gays and Lesbians

From the email inbox of a member of the House of Delegates:

Dear Delegates:

Others may be afraid to speak plainly to you, but I am not.

You all have psychological disorders.

Anyone who won't see the innate rightness of heterosexuality as opposed to any other kind of sexuality is, frankly, irrational.

Changing the laws won't change reality. The ex-gay truth, which isn't all that complicated, will prevail in the end. Even if the Supreme Court gets it wrong, as it probably will, the people will get it right.

Gay-egalitarianism is bullshit. Women are made to mate with men and men with women. Period. Feelings to the contrary ought to be dealt with in therapy. See www.narth.com and www.peoplecanchange.com.

Marylanders are especially fortunate to have a quality ex-gay clinic at their disposal, in Bowie, Prince George's County. See www.gaytostraight.org.

Both political parties have been using you. Shame on them. I've taken their leaders to task and will continue to do so.

You really are on a fool's errand. GayScam will go down in history as a dark chapter.

--Sharon Kass
Silver Spring, Maryland
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