Friday, March 11, 2011

Del. Bonnie Cullison Speaks

"Virtually every single decision affects the lives of people but there is no vote over the next four years that will affect me mire equally."

"This is the vote that will determine if we really believe if all men and women really are equal and deserve the same rights."

"I want you to know me. I live a simple but busy life. I taught special education for years. I became the leader of educators. We took positive steps to close the achievement gap by developing the most rigorously evaluation system in this country."

"when my county lacked the money, I led my organization to vote to give up money so we could continue to educate kids."

"I believe that people elected me because they believe that I am someone of true integrity, true eompassion, adn someone with the courage to lead. They trust me to listen with an open mind and make tough decisions ontheir part."

"On a personal note, I have lived together with a women for 27 years."

"In all aspects, our marriage is the same as yours with all its trials, all its tests, and all its vicctories."

"Yet our mortgage describes us as joint tenants."

Despite all I have achieved, "I am still not seen as equal in the eyes." "A green vote means that you do see me as equal in our civil society."

"I am asking you to lead in a society against a tide of discrimination."

"The progress that this country has been made because of its elected leaders being so willing to take risks. See me know me. Vote green!"