Friday, March 11, 2011

Anne Kaiser Speaking Now

"It's a vote for love and against fear."

"throughout this marriage equality debate, I've asked people to share a single legal reason to oppose marriage equality. I have yet to hear a single one."

"Some have gone so far as to suggest that this bill will allow people to people marry a toaster or my cat. It's unbeliavably offensive.

We want something very simple. My girlfriend and I want to be married. We want all the rights and responsibilities. And we want to get married in Maryland. And I want to get married in my parents' lifetime."

"My mother did what so many mothers do when I told her I was gay. She cried, and then she told me loved me, and then she told me she loved me again, and then she made me lunch."

"I deserve to marry the person I love."

"I come from a family that values marriage. My mother does not understand how my marrying my girlfriend would undermine their marriage. My parents have been married for over 50 years. My grandpoarents were married for over 67 years."

"This is a deeply important and personal vote. We have the power to assure equality to thousands of Marylanders. We have the opportunity to demonstrate to the rest of the country that Maryland stands for equality. We have the chance to endorse love."

"I cast my vote for all members who stand for equality. What would be so horribly detrimental if the ladies and gentlemen from Montgomery County, Baltimore City, Charles County coudl marry their partners?"