Friday, March 11, 2011

Debate Continues

Delegate attacking Del. Kaiser for breaking decorum in attacking her colleagues in a total mis-characterization of her brave and personal speech. Now attacking the House for rejecting the civil unions amendment. Now attacking the Speaker for rejecting the amendment on a voice vote. "If this is taken to the voters, it will be defeated. I urge my colleagues to look at civil unions. But it is not to be heard in this House today."

Del. Justin Ross (I think) rises "in proud support of the legislation today." "I have been convinced by all these people in my life that their family should have the same protections as my own family that I hold so dear." "If it is costing my election, then I am proud to have supported such an important piece of legislation is going down."

African-American Delegate from Prince-George's now speaking. "You should be able to love whoever you choose to love. I rise to tell you that I am voting against this bill based on fundamental principles." He wants a referendum and more religious protections. Odd that opponents all claim that this would go to referendum but now use that as a reason for voting against it. "I cannot vote against my base." "Many of us have said we're fully behind civil unions."

Delegate from Baltimore County has a question for floor leader Kathleen Dumais. Now he is speaking in support of this bill. (I think it is Del. carding." "We have to figure out a way to treat them the way we would want to be treated ourselves."