Friday, March 11, 2011

Debate Continues

Del C.T. Wilson (D-Charles) is speaking against the bill. Not everyone who opposes this bill opposes that love. Some of us are leading as we see right." "I have not had a chance to take this to my constituents."

Del. Ariana Kelly (D-Bethesda) speaks "proudly in support of this bill on behalf of my two young children. I worry for them as I hear about the struggles that my gay and lesbian friends have gone through. IN order to send the right message to all of our children, we need to stand strong. I'm a person of faith. There is no one person less imperfect than the rest of us."

"My religious marriage is completely separate and distinct from my civil marriage." Discusses her person family story of being born Catholic and becoming Jewish.

Del. Al Carr is speaking about his grandfather, an African-American man who married a white woman from Ontario of Scottish descent who could not live in MD because in 1910 their marriage was illegal so they moved to OH.

"I'm very fortunate to live in Maryland and have a wonderful wife and children. I cannot imagine what it woudl be to live life as a second class citizen. I am really the first generation in my family to have all of these rights and privileges. Because of some votes that were taken in this very body, I am able to take these things for granted." Speaking about law banning interracial marriage. "As I cast my green vote, I think of Del. Roy Hart (Prince George's) who cast his vote to repeal this law even though it was very, very unpopular."

"I am proud to vote green for a more just and a more inclusive Maryland." I think the day will come when it seems amazing that we seem to have a vote on this issue."

Speaking about Norm Stone who voted against repealling the ban on interracial marriage. Woudl he say he made the right vote today?

Go Al!