Friday, March 11, 2011

Marriage Equality Debate Continues. . .

Delegate from Prince George's is speaking (I think it is Aisha Braveboy) She thinks that this will ultimately be decided in the court and then laws catch up. That's the way it works. The voters should have the right to weigh in.

An incoherent speech. Is she aware that the courts rejected a legal challenge? Does she think her rights should be up for a vote by the people?

12:37pm: Delegate from Baltimore City (Del. Glenn, I think) is offering an amendment changes the bill to say civil unions but "still provides the benefits that many are trying to provide to same-sex couples." She cannot go against her faith and support same-sex marriage.

Del. Dumais speaking against the amendment. Doctrines of religious marriage should not be the same as what the state recognizes as a civil marriage. Civil unions are not equal. We tried separate but equal before but it didn't work. Calling something different for a separate group of people isn't right and hasn't worked in New Jersey. Their bipartisan commission said that civil unions aren't working. They have to constantly explain what it means.

Delegate from Carroll County is asking Del. Dumais if it was offered in committee.

Delegate from Anne Arundel asking a question of the sponsor, Del. Glenn if this amednment woudl apply to men and women as well as same-sex couples. He argues that this amendment will work. "A marriage is a civil union."

Majority Leader Kumar Barve speaking out against the amendment. "If I had a choice of being in a civil union or married, I would choose marriage. Civil unions are different and dont' convey all the rights of marriage."

Speaker declares nays have it on voice vote