Friday, March 11, 2011

Luke Clippinger Speaking

"Over these 8 weeks in Annapolis, I have heard so many things that are painful to me. I have heard it would redefine religious marriage. I am a Presbyterian. I'm an elder in my church. If this bill passes, I can't get married there because it is against my churches teachings. This bill does not impact religious marriage."

"I hav heard that this bill will lead to children being taught immoral things. I was raised by my parents and I hope that one day I can raise my children only half as well as they raised me. . . helping me achieve what I've achieved. This bill will not result in children being taught to be amoral. This bill will not result in the destruction of the way we raise our children. It only supports it."

"I have heard that somehow I am less than natural. That I somehow am less than human. That I am less than.

I am here today to proclaim to this house that I am not less than.

I am a child of God just like all of you are children of God.

I am not less than.

I am a altimorean. I am a child of Charles Carroll, Frederick Doglas, Harriet Tubman, and Nancy Pelosi. I am not less than."

"I am a prosecutor. I am not less than."

"Today I ask you for your vote to make me a full citizen of this state."