Friday, March 11, 2011

Marriage Equality Debate Continues

Del. Kathleen Dumais is asking body to reject a proposed amendment. The amendment was rejected by voice vote.

Del. Niemann (D-Prince George's) is speaking now about his daughter and how he would like her to be able to marry herr partner. "That's nto undermining marriage, that's standing up for it." Now, he is quoting the Declaration in support: "They are endowed by their Creator certain unaliienable rights." marriage is the same support he has had from his wife for 30 years and he would like his daughter to have. We have a long history of expanding rights to give real meaning to the Founders' idea that "ALL people are created equal." Lots of people said that the civil rights movement was against the Lord's will at the time too.

Del. Niemann is quoting Loving v. Virginia--the anti-miscegination (sp?) case that struck down laws banning interracial marriage, incuding Maryland's laws. Many people were outraged at the time because the decision "overturned the will of the people." Lots of gay people have been beaten for who they are. "The issue before us is a fundamental truth that has motivated our country for over 200 years." The meaning of equality can't be defined by the majority.

"Separate is not equal because it doesn't carry with it the dignity or the respect."

"When people look back are they going to say that you stood for equality, or did you take a walk?"