Thursday, March 10, 2011

How Did the Delegates Vote? Part Three

This is part three in a series of posts about how delegates voted yesterday on amendments to the marriage equality bill. See the first post for information about the content of the amendments. This post looks at how Democrats from counties other than the four most populous (Montgomery, Prince George's, Baltimore City and County) voted.

Dels. Kelly (1B, Allegany) and Donoghue (2C, Washington), the only Democrats from Western Maryland, voted for all the amendments. Del. James (34A, Harford), the only Democrat from Harford, voted for all of the amendments

Southern Maryland Democrats tended to oppose the amendments. Dels. Jameson (28, Charles), and Murphy (28, Charles) voted against all of them. Dels. Wilson (28, Charles), and Bohanan (St. Mary's) voted against three of the amendments but for the convoluted Braveboy referendum amendment. However, Del. Wood (29A, Charles and St. Mary's) voted for all of the amendments.

Eastern Shore Democrats--Rudolph (34B), Cane (37B), and Conway (38B), voted against three of the amendments but Rudolph and Conway voted for the Braveboy amendment and Cane didn't vote on the Braveboy amendment.

Howard Democrats--Bobo (12B), Pendergrass (13), Guzzone (13), and F. Turner (13)--voted against all of the amendments except that Del. Pendergrass didn't vote on the Donoghue amendment on adoptions.

Anne Arundel Democrats went different ways. Speaker Busch (30), and Del. Love (32) voted against all four amendments. Del. Beidle (32) voted against three of the amendments but for the Braveboy amendment. Del. Sophocleus (32) voted for three of the amendments but didn't vote on the Serafini amendment to retitle the bill.